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EMPOWER is an skill enhancement and industry connect program. It helps final year technical students build their foundation in Information Technology skills and make them fit for IT Jobs.

Empower virtually connects students across the country with Industry in form of mentorship, project guidance, project sponsorship, industrial training.


Self assessment tools

During course, milestone based assessment can be taken to judge the progress. These assessments will be made available for recruiters to see the learnability curve.

3D Skill grooming

Apart from Technical training, courses offers value added training capsules based on current technology trend and also groom for interview and communication skills.

Industrial Projects

Large pool of technical projects as per BE/MCA curriculum are available in form of Concept, industry sponsored and paid projects where mentor will be associated for project guidance & support.

Career Oriented Courses

Students can pick and attend career oriented online course. Audio / visual presentations and practice lab sessions make it comprehensive.

Project Documentation

Advanced tool for compiling industry standard project reports and presentations for viva. This brings standard templates and guidance in form of sample project documentation.

Connect with Mentors

Mentors from Alumuni network, freelancer community and company sponsored as a part of CSR are available in platform for project and career guidance.

Search Jobs

Empower connects the industry with the students. Students can set their career goals and prepare for same. Innovative job portal is available for hiring based on challenges, hurdles, creativity index etc.

Career Newsletter

Daily and weekly newsletters are designed in order to give career path info nudge. Students will be exposed to general awareness and career oriented technology news.


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Industry Connect

Empower is a platform connecting the students with the industry. This gives virtual exposure of the industry which helps students planning their career as per their skills.

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Self assessments and benchmarking

Almost every company resorts to robust assessment pedagogy to test the talent and skills of candidates applying for various posts of their organization. Empower helps you in highlighting your shortcoming and prepare you for the industry specific benchmarks.

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Job enablement

Engineering / MCA curriculum focuses on theory. Empower brings practical and job oriented exposure which helps students jump start their career by bridging the employability gaps.

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Connect with mentors / counsellors

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Job opportunities

More than 90% of Indian colleges does not provide Campus hiring. Empower bridges this gap by setting new Recruitment paradigm in form of Online-Campus, Off-Campus, Pool-Campus.

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Shorten the duration between employable and employed