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MockIN is an Integrated Interview platform which help early stage and experienced professionals prepare for their upcoming interview in order to increase the chance of creating impact and get selected. It comes with industry specific questions, interview skills training, self assessment tools and Mockup Interview connect with Mentors.

Professionals can search and practice technical interview questions which comes with crisp answer and description and audio transcripts from domain experts. Communication is an important part of any interview and MockIN brings technology to help professionals enhance their interview skills with the help of video based learning.

Practice brings perfection and MockIN provides feature to take interview with virtual interviewer which they can refer for self review or can share to seek advice from friends or seniors. Platform also offers search and connect with Mentors / domain experts who offers 15 Minutes interview and real-time feedback on areas of improvement. This helps professionals set their improvement goals by learning and practicing in order to give good and positive interview for success.

MockIn is based on 4 core pillars of skill development i.e.

Learn, Prepare, Practice & Excel.


Search and read Interview Questions

Large pool of categorised interview questions are available for search and prepare.

Ask questions to the domain experts

If any important question is missing or not explained propery, you can ask to domain experts

Grow your interview skills

Practice industry specific interview preparation tips in form of AV and Q&A

Short Question assessments

Assessments helps you take a quick test to judge the knowledge level

Self Mockup Interview

Innovative Mobile App helps you to take self mockup interview with virtual interviewer.

Search and give Interviews to Mentors

Connect with Mentors for real-time mock interview session and get constructive feedback at the end of every session in varied format such as audio, video and text, which can be reviewed and replayed at later stage for self improvement.


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Interview Skills improvement

With high value content and practice tools, skills are improved very fast to meet your career goals faster.

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Practice makes perfect

Knowledge is within, until it is expressed in right context results won't come. MockIn gives you mirror view platform for practice that helps you move towards perfection.

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Large pool of Interview questions

Be it interview question or industry specific interview tips, MockIn covers the most comprehensive pool suiting individuals need.


Learn how focused learning and preparation makes a difference in professional career. Download our Product information sheet for more details.

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