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Visual cues can have dramatic impact on conversion rate. Recruiters have limited attention span. The only way to grab their attention span is to stand out from everything that competing for their attention.

Studies suggest that people make a subconscious judgement about a resume within 60 seconds of initial viewing. Upto 90 per cent of that assessment is based on visual layouts.

SpeakingResumes is an Innovative Recruitment solution which helps professionals maintain their resumes online which is interactive, collaborative and intuitive. They can maintain resumes in industry standard structure with voice and video introductions , project interviews and can share with individual / company in a format of choice. On the other side corporates will get benefited with enrich resume reviewing experience with state of art Resume Studio, advanced shortlisting based on skills and context based search within the projects. Weighted comparator helps comparing multiple resumes at a time on defined criteria. Global resume taxonomy helps maintaining resume elements in global standards for interoperability.



Create, View & Edit your resume, record introduction, career goals, projects, research works etc., in audio / video format which gives better visibility to the recruiters. Manage your resume seamlessly using web portal or android app.


Sharing resume in various formats used by industry is very simple. No conversion required. Share your profile with standard cover letter. Emailer will go to the recipient with option to view resume in SpeakingResumes Resume Studio along with the link to download resume in word, pdf, xml or ppt format.


Professionals can hide their profiles from selected recruiters and can also mute the profile from search in case they dont want receive any job alerts or requests. If user shares the resume, they can set the access rights i.e person can view if they have profile ID.


Recruiter are inundated by resumes from job seekers. Competition is outrageous. Highlight keywords in your resumes such as project details, clients worked with or awards or accolades with keyword density. Increase your chance due to more visibility and focused view.


Promote your intend for job change or add referral jobs on your social connections using facebook, linkedin or tweeter. Interactive Job posting, job referral, job intend gets the network effect to get more and better results.


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Resume is a vital piece of compiled information which includes professionals details from employability and suitability perspective. Recruitment process generally starts with resume shortlisting and it is imperative to have a visually appealing resume.

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Visual and Intuitive Resume helps professionals better visibility than other candidates applied for the same job. Resume Studio helps recruiters dive deep into the profile using audio / video introductions which increases the chance of selection of your profile. You are competing against everyone for a limited number of jobs.

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Resume Analytics shows the journey of your resume and captures time graph for various events. This will help you understand how your resume is travelling through opportunities and helps you understanding the skill gaps.

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Share your resume in all popular formats. SPEAKINGRESUMES provides ways to use standard templates as well as your custom job application template for sharing resume along with cover letter.

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Connect with the social media, share your resume or job listing on all prominent social networking platform. Get connected with peers, friend, colleagues and acquaintances, share your resume and refer jobs via email link.


SpeakingResumes comes with handy Mobile App which helps getting updates about views, enquiries etc and job seekers can directly apply from the Mobile App on single touch using pre-defined application formats. In the absence of Internet, Resume can be shared via SMS.