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TaskHops is an integrated Task Management platform which allows to assign tasks and track till closure with accurate report in real time. TaskHops tracks the field force to monitor the movement and task completion against targets which helps to cut down work wastage and improves productivity.

Collaborative, Intuitive & Organized approach to manage tasks. 


Task Management

Effective task management requires managing all aspects of task. TaskHops puts in control, you will be no longer looking at someone to manage your task expectation and priorities.


TaskHops allows to set clear time frame to manage productivity, streamline the performance of projects. Records the amount of time to spent on a each job.

Goal Management

Set achievable goals and deadlines. Prioritize each and every task with utmost flexibility. Assign individual and team task on the go.

Workforce Tracking

Track & manage routes and distribute workloads. Know what's going on in a field and see all your workforce in the same map.

Industry Specific Task Templates

Standardized industry specific templates for boutique of tasks. Drag and drop few fields to customize the templates. Easy to use, navigate and monitor.

Reports and analytics

Comprehensive standard builtin reports. Get the visibility you need to make swift informed decisions. Insight that takes you from data to decisions. Get an instant overview of all the details related to a task in real-time. Reports can be exported to spreadsheet.


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Administer Tasks

Organize your tasks at your fingertips. Assign tasks to individual or team in real-time. Setting a priority allows you to rank your task according to their importance. Task re-skilling and takeover

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Enhanced Productivity

Monitor all the tasks in real time manner. Delegate and assign pending, unfinished, timed-out tasks to workers. Remove bottle neck. Get instant tasks completion notification. Anything that impedes the workflow can be managed remotely. Get the maximum throughput.

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Get photographic proof before and after assignment of task. Digital signature and audio nodes to enhance transparency. Get real time inputs through Geo-Tagging. View and audit task to see full history of each action taken on a task. Hassle free approach to organize, review and audit the entire tasks.

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Optimized Travel

Automate arrival and departure alerts. Reduce travel expenses. Get employee, vehicle and other object location updates with Geo-Spatial data. TaskHops enables proactive cost saving. Monitor and track vehicles. Prioritize and re-assign task to other worker who is in closed vicinity and doesn't have any pending tasks. Leverage Geo-Spatial data to create value

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Realtime Reporting

View detailed report on progress. Monitor each and individual task with automatic task detection capabilities. No matter what your requirement may be real-time or historic TaskHops can meet them. Collaborate in real-time no matter where you are. Simplify complex tasks with a clear view on status, progress and assignee details.

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Simplified Task Assignment

Simplify and streamline tasks management process. Add custom reminder and receive alerts for approaching due dates. TaskHops is one stop shop for mobility solution, seamless connectivity with offline-data sync mode. Gather all information offline, it will automatically sync all the data when you go online. Design your own custom fields and set the ball rolling.


Be it indoor or outdoor task, better planning and monitoring drives the execution. Use of Mobile Technology, productivity and effectiveness.